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Consulting Services

Progress can never stop, which is why Deeva Infotech offers all clients consulting services, allowing them to plan the next steps in the development of their business and software. Whether it’s planning for future iterations of your software or discovering new, better ways to implement solutions that are already being used Deeva Infotech consulting services are available to clients of any size.

Project Recovery Services

There is no reason you have to go down with your ship. The qualified consulting, development, and maintenance teams at Deeva Infotech can take your failing project back to the top of the game. We will understand the problems you are facing and provide you with precisely the kind of support you will need to turn everything around and start making confident steps towards flawless project execution.

Technical Program Management

Get ahead in your software development with a strong team-leader at the helm. Our Technical Program Management consultants are experienced, qualified, and possess the type of industry expertise that can help your business both determine and accomplish key development goals.

IT Strategy and Enterprise

Today’s competitive business environment puts a constant pressure on IT Organizations to be more agile, and deliver more with less resources, while ensuring high levels of technological capability, quality, security, and performance. Deeva Infotech’ Enterprise Architecture professionals can help your IT transition from traditional IT delivery and architectural models to accelerate digital innovation.

PMO and Portfolio

Deeva Infotech Project and Program Management Professionals can help you establish the appropriate IT Project Management Office structure and governance to effectively operate IT PMO in your organization. In addition, we provide application portfolio optimization services for reducing project and ongoing application management costs, simplifying Enterprise Architecture, and streamlining IT Operations.

Agile Delivery

In today’s fast paced world of IT, where your business customers demand fast and high-quality delivery of business value to the organization, choosing the right Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology could mean the difference between success and failure of your project.

IT Operations Improvement

Modern high-performing IT Ops organization has to ensure stable operations of IT products and services used by the business and its customers, while at the same time supporting ever increasing pace of digital innovation. One of the key challenges is to make sure that these two objectives are not in conflict with one another.